You’ve prepped for weeks for the next big event. Invitations, contests, music, food are carefully coordinated. You get a good response. You built it and they came. The event is marked as a success. There is the follow-up email or announcement of the contest winner, and often the team is on to the next big project. The sales team receives the leads, but now what?

1. Have something to offer after the event. Whether it’s signing up for the next event, downloading a paper or finding more information on the website.

2. If they didn’t get to see a demo of your product at the event, send them a link to your product demos, or even better, create a personalized page targeted to their interests.

3. Ask attendees to connect with you on social networks. It’s a great way for them to continue to receive company announcements, your posts and gives you the opportunity to track what they are doing.

4. Ask attendees to sign up to receive your newsletter or online blog updates. Email them with a link to a form asking them to specify content materials that are of value to them.

5. Use survey data collected from attendees and provide a post-show summary revealing the top concerns within the industry.

Don’t just plan your event, but plan a continuous program that builds your expertise, industry leadership and product awareness. It’s important to ask your prospects to take the next step to clarify their interest, needs and concerns. Then, stay top of mind by mapping out your marketing process to enhance the sale lead program.